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Our Tiny Unit, as we often refer to ourselves consists of Papa (Allen), Mama (Brittany), and our little girl, Adventure Scout. Like any unit or team, we love to do things together whether it’s an adventure in the mountains, scrambling in the desert, or riding our bikes at the beach! Just like any 3 yr old, she’s always trying to grow up faster and has been pleading with us to ride around the neighborhood without our help. You see, bicycling to our family is part exercise, part adventure discovering new pockets of our neighborhood. Giving her the ability to travel, and explore on her own would truly empower her.


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Papa Allen loves to explore the mountains, deserts, and forests in search for new heights. He’s always looking new challenges to surmount in his climbing initiatives. While he’s not on an adventure, he enjoys a long road trip and viewing the glories of nature.

Mama Brittany loves to travel the world. Her passport book is thicker than most families having lived all over the US, Asia, and Australia. She has plans this summer to visit Europe and Latin America. She’s never one to back down from an adventure and is always seeking paths untraveled.

Adventure Scout is no different than her parents. Her imagination creates a new adventure daily in her house as if each nook and cranny are a new, unexplored world. She especially loves road trips and patiently endures long drives, since she knows whatever that long road takes her, it’ll be worthy of a new adventure.

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We are proud brand ambassadors for Ride Schwinn
And mama Brittany is a contributor to the inspirational family & adventure based community Family Trails and Red Tricycle.

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